Hello and welcome to my site.

In the last couple of years I’ve been writing like two entirely separate but perfectly functioning demons and have completed three novels and over fifty short stories.

My short stories have been taken accepted by getting on for thirty publications. I list these publications on other pages – they  mainly in the UK and US, but my Christmas tale ‘The Christmas Violin’ has been published by Malawi’s excellent literature magazine, the Nthanda Review. You will find some stuff about me and my writing on other pages, including links to where my short stories have been published.

I’m currently touting my novels ‘The Diarist’ (the story of a life told backwards) and ‘The King of the Crows’ (a horror novel that should go down well with crow enthusiasts) around agents and publishers. My third novel ‘The Orangerie’ (a psychological thriller) is in final draft form and I’ll start pestering the publishing world with it shortly.

My short story ‘A Brief Moment of Rage’ recently appeared in Flame Tree’s Endless Apocalypse Anthology, tucked neatly between Lord Byron and Arthur Conan Doyle, which is of course where I belong. I’m fairly sure none of the BBC breakfast team came to a sticky end in a Conan Doyle story, but I’m not sure about Lord Byron. Unending Apocalypse blog

I was pleased to be the featured author for Left Hand Publishers blog for their Terrors Unimagined Anthology. Terrors Unimagined Blog

Check out their trailer for the book! Terrors Unimagined

As ever, I’ve got quite a few stories in the process of being published-

  • ‘The Long and Terrible Journey of the Very Great Fighter’- Emerging Worlds (Zealot Script)- The front cover artwork will be taken from my story, which is very exciting.
  • Easy as the Wind- Transmundane Press In the Air Anthology
  • The Sad Girl (a fairy tale)- Cloaked press Fall in Fantasy anthology
  • The Broken World- Hello Horror
  • The Rediscovered Girl- Fantasia Divinity’s Enchanted Garden Anthology
  • Intelligenie- Horror Addicts Kill Switch Anthology