Hello and welcome to my site. It’s currently under construction and basic to start with, but it will get better!

You will find some stuff about me and my writing on other pages, including links to where I’ve been published.

My short story ‘A Brief Moment of Rage’ has just appeared in Flame Tree’s Endless Apocalypse Anthology, tucked neatly between Lord Byron and Arthur Conan Doyle, which is of course where I belong. I’m fairly sure none of the BBC breakfast team came to a sticky end in a Conan Doyle story, but I’m not sure about Lord Byron. Unending Apocalypse blog

Ash TalesĀ Check out Ash Tales podcast of my story ‘Copykat’, due to go out Friday 6th July.

As ever, I’ve got a good few stories in the process of being published-

  • ‘The Long and Terrible Journey of the Very Great Fighter’- Emerging Worlds (Zealot Script)- The front cover artwork will be taken from my story, which is very exciting.
  • ‘The Tale of Days’ – Terrors Unimagined Anthology (Lefthand Publishers)- I’m one of their featured authors in an upcoming blog.
  • God’s Own Country- Storgy
  • The Sgeul Beatha- Dark Lane Books (I love Dark Lane Books Anthologies!)
  • Sister- Switchblade


I’m hoping to import some free stories soon and excerpts of my novel.