Hi, my name is Bill Davidson and I’m a Scottish writer living in Dorset, which about as far South as you can get before you get very damp and rescued by the Coastguard. (For those who don’t know, the UK Coastguard is pretty much exactly like Baywatch, except that they don’t wear bathing costumes, to cut down on chafing.)

Until recently, I’ve been too focussed on irksome stuff like paying the mortgage and working (Local Government manager, where laughs come fast and often) to call myself a writer and not be embarrased, but that has changed dramatically. I don’t see why I should pay my mortgage. Donald Trump doesn’t.

So, I’ve been writing like crazy for the past two years or so and am sitting on three completed novels- The King of the Crows, The Orangerie and The Diarist. All I need now is to get them published. How hard could that be?

In the last year I’ve written over fifty short stories and developed a real passion for shorter fiction. I love the short stuff!

I’ve been accepted for publication by over forty publications now, mainly in UK and US but also in Africa, and have found I get a new short story accepted at a rate of (roughly) one a month. Acceptances are a bit like buses, you wait months then three come along at once.

My reading tastes are varied, but if I had to choose two main influences they would be the King fella and Elmore Leonard. Oh, and for a series of novels it’s got to be Patrick O’Brian.


Six days into the beard growing competition and Dave seemed to be drawing ahead