Some Published Shorts

Here are some of my short stories you can find out there

Easy as the Wind- Transmundane Press in the air anthology

The View from Primrose Street- the Horror Zine


The Haunted Man- Horla ‘the home of intelligent horror’

Cloaked Press- The Sad Girl

Fall Into Fantasy 2018 Edition by [Ferrell, Andrew M., Boekestein, Jaap, Davidson, Bill, O'Brien, Anna, Sweetapple, Andrew, Gessner, Carrie, Easterday, Mark, McKenzie, S.A., Campbell, Dwain, Rossman, Jennifer, Owen Morgan, David O'Hanlon, Tony Conaway, Austin Worley]

Cloaked Press- The Sad Girl

Underbelly Spring 2019- What Big Teeth You Have

Nthanda Review- The Christmas Violin
The Christmas Violin- heart rending and very nearly heart warming

Storgy Magazine- God's Own Country

God's own Country- the USA unconstrained by responsibility

dark lane anthology five.jpg

Dark Lane Anthology Five- Holly's Web

Dark Lane Anthology Seven- The Sgeul Beatha, read at your peril!

Switchblade: Issue Seven by [Kolakowski, Nick, Rachels, David, Gomez, Mathew X., Rogers, Stephen D., Boekestein, J.L., Soldan, William R., Bates, Jack, Slade, Mark , Wilson, Bryce, Lester, R. Daniel]

Sister- Switchblade, a dark and nasty noir story

Blood in the Rain 4

The Prisoner- Blood in the Rain 4- some of those vampires should be ashamed of themselves

Childe Abbas- Hell bound books


Enchanted Conversation- The Elf and the Writer

The very great fighter
Zealot Script's Emerging Worlds- The Long and Terrible Journey of the very great fighter

Underbelly- What Big Teeth You have

The new accelerator - In the absence of life

The toilet zone

Hell Bound Books- Devilishly Stylish and The Hollow Ghost


Tigershark Publishing- The Bargain
Storgy Magazine- Copykat
Metamorphose- The Full Donald

may 2018 cover

Electric Spec- God's own country
feb 2019 cover

Electric Spec Volume 14- The Blessing of Song
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