The King of the Crows- Giles Press

Giles Press

The King of the Crows- An ages-old monster drowses in a forgotten underground river. When the stream dwindles, the creature awakes. Two intertwined stories, forty years apart, where friends and lovers must fight to survive.

Today was a remarkable day for me. I signed a contract with Giles Press, who have acquired my debut novel ‘The King of The Crows’! This is a huge step for me- I’ve seen my short stories published at better than one a month, but to bag a book deal without an agent is massive. Agents, I’m coming for you.

The King of the Crows is a time slip horror novel based in Dundee, Scotland. If you like crows, ruinous mills, crows and teenagers in danger of a richly deserved pecking, this is the book for you.




Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Volume Eleven

Just got my copy of Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the year anthology, volume 11.

My story is featured on the back cover- how cool is that?

I went straight to Joe Hill’s YOU ARE RELEASED which was just as good as I had heard. Looking forward to reading the whole thing, constantly having to remind myself that I’m one of the authors in there.

This is one scary book. The pic below is me reading the table of contents

reading best of 2

The Toilet Zone

The toilet zoneHell Bound Books new anthology, designed to scare the shit out of you in the only place where hygiene won’t be compromised, comes out on August 16th.

I have two stories in there- Devilishly Stylish and The Hollow Ghost.

You can get it in print, kindle or the HBB app.


Dark Lane Books Volume 8

Dark Lane Books


Dark Lane books volume 8 is coming out soon. Dark Lane ask contributors to ‘show us your weird’ and the mix of strange and beautiful stories in every anthology does that for sure.

There’s Horror, SF, Bizarro and just straight ahead great fiction. My own story Los NiƱos appears in volume 8 and it’s my third stroll down the dark lane- I’m honoured to be associated with it! Editor Tim Jeffreys, a great writer, invited me to do an interview for his blog, so here it is-