The King of the Crows- Giles Press

Giles Press

The King of the Crows- An ages-old monster drowses in a forgotten underground river. When the stream dwindles, the creature awakes. Two intertwined stories, forty years apart, where friends and lovers must fight to survive.

Today was a remarkable day for me. I signed a contract with Giles Press, who have acquired my debut novel ‘The King of The Crows’! This is a huge step for me- I’ve seen my short stories published at better than one a month, but to bag a book deal without an agent is massive. Agents, I’m coming for you.

The King of the Crows is a time slip horror novel based in Dundee, Scotland. If you like crows, ruinous mills, crows and teenagers in danger of a richly deserved pecking, this is the book for you.




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